Tech Tips

Problem: I hit the space bar too many times and skipped over the slide I wanted to show.
Solution: Use the back arrow on your keyboard to go back one slide. (The forward arrow will advance your presentation by one slide as well.)

Zoom from your computer
Using keystrokes from your ibook you can zoom to a portion of your document, image, etc.
Step 1: Turn zoom on or off (cmd-option-8)
Zoom in (cmd-option-equal sign (=)
Zoom out (cmd-option-hyphen (-)
Step 2: Click the area of your document/image and then activate the zoom feature.
Step 3: Return the zoom to original size (if you zoom in; zoom out to original size).
Step 4: Toggle off the zoom (see step 1).
This is a great feature to use vs. using the zoom on the projector menu.

Zoom in on a webpage
Using the steps above you can zoom with apple commands -- however, you can also enlarge a webpage by
using the plus sign (+). While displaying a page, hold the cmd key and press + to enlarge,
to reduce the page hold cmd key and press minus sign (-).
NOTE: Remember how many times you press the enlarge feature so you can reduce by the same number.

New Tab
To navigate to websites without leaving the wiki go to File New Tab. Use that tab to find the website you are adding. From that website you can copy the address to add the link in the wiki.