Please use this page to post questions you have about using the video projector in your classroom.

A Follow-Up to Questions Asked in Projector Training

Q: Will I always be wired or can I roam all over my room and use the projector?
A: Your computer does need to be wired. There are other technologies such as the school pad that allows you to operate your computer while roaming around your room. Your computer still needs to be wired though.

Q: Is there a way to focus the projector using the remote or from the computer?
A: The controls for focusing the projector are labeled D-Zoom on the remote for model LC-XA20. These were set for you when the projector was installed and probably should not need adjusting. If your projector seems to be out of focus, however, please let the tech department know so that your projector can be checked.

Q: Can you change the angle of the projector?
A: The projector does tilt to some degree. However, tilt adjustments have already been taken care of for you.

Q: Can you show me how to do a PowerPoint so that I can do activities on my projector?
A: Absolutely. I will check with you to see when you would like to do this.

Q: How long can I leave the projector on?
A: You can leave the projector on for as long as you are actually using it.

Q: Can I use the projector with iMovie?
A: Yes, anything that can be displayed on your computer can be projected.

Q: Will it work with both my PC and Mac?
A: Yes. You just will not use the white adaptor with the PC.

Q: Will my projector tell me when my bulb is low?
A: No.

Q: How do I know if my computer will play a DVD?
A: Under the apple on your menu bar, go to About this Mac. Click on the More Info button. Select Disc Burning under the Hardware menu. Look to see whether there is a DVD option. It should say yes to Reads DVDs. If you don't see this, it means your computer isn't equipped for it and you will need to use an external source for playing DVDs.