Hello World English

English Interactive

Everyday Life Project (You will need to register for this one, but it's free. This site has interactives relating to everyday life. For example, there is one relating to measurement. In this interactive, there is a recipe for making a cake. You click on the measurement tools in the order of the recipe and they are added to the mixing bowl. When you need to stir the added ingredients for a minute, you click on the timer and move the dot on the timer to the correct amount of time for mixing.)

Blabberize (You upload a picture of a person or animal and easily record a message that the picture speaks. The lips on the image move as your message is being played. This would provide a fun avenue for English Language Learners to practice speaking and hear what they say.)

Make Beliefs Comics (Students create their own comic strip and word bubbles. Comics can be created in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, or Latin.)

Larry Ferlazzo's Website
This is an ELL teacher who has a tremendous list of resources for ELL students.